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Combinations with excellent results

I have always posted combined treatments with very satisfactory results, today will spend some news to a better understanding of how these combinations and report some of my studies that made me come to these combinations.


How beautiful can put a neckline, or a necklace and a whole lap rejuvenated and hydrated.
I have a great combination that will detail: Micro Focused Ultrasound with Structural Restoration and intracutaneous Hydration.


The hands show aging and there are ways to preserve them better looking possible, through these combinations can optimize rejuvenation hands: Volume Restoration with biostimulators, intracutaneous Hydration, Pulsed Light and Induction Percutaneous Collagen.

Scars and Stretch Marks

Scars end up being unwanted by aesthetics, the splines that once seemed unsolvable, today we combine treatments that restore the natural texture of the skin, or leaves the lighter region, almost imperceptible if begun soon after the withdrawal of points at the beginning of the process healing.

Most treatments in aesthetic promote increased collagen, so work is always aiming to combine procedures to increase new collagen induction.

In case of surgery, after the removal of the stitches apply the botulinum toxin, it works well distension of skin tissue, relax local muscle further modulates growth factors. Then the microagulhamentos come to stimulate collagen production and skin remodeling of the scar. This treatment has great results.

In case of older surgical scars, the microagulhamentos combined with specific products for skin penetration also bring an incredible improvement.

The splines, work with microagulhamento combined with products and fills with Hyaluronic Acid and Calcium hydroxyapatite.

Even older streaks, become much better, those who have sagging associaçãode intense combination with Microfocado Ultrasound is well suited.


Ai enters the star of combinations, Micro Focused Ultrasound! Can I use various treatments for different results.

  • Micro Focused Ultrasound with filling: For when the face needs tissue repositioning (Facelift) and a little lost structure restoration (wrinkles, background eye, deep temples and fallen eyebrows)
  • Micro Focused Ultrasound and support wire: For those patients who need plenty Lifting effect then we can combine two techniques with the same purpose but Danto dambém a subcutaneous stimulus even greater collagen through ultrasound Microfocado
  • Micro Focused Ultrasound and Dexicolato Injectable: For those patients who need to sculpt the jowls. First we decrease the jowl with Calcium Dexicolato, then with the Micro Focused Ultrasound promote the tightening of the skin of the face and neck helping to carve the outline of the neck


It’s so nice to have rejuvenated face and body follow this beautification, then watch these powerful combinations.

Treatment of localized fat with sagging: Mesotherapy Injectable Combination with: Radiofrequency, mesotherapy without needles, drainage / Shaper in the same session and at the end the Ultrasound Microfocado to stimulate new collagen that envelops the fat in place, helping the irregularity.
Treatment of Localized Fat and Cellulite: Radiofrequency with peeling + injectable medoterapia, mesotherapy without needles, drainage / Shaper in the same session gives us a faster improvement and duraoura.

Eyes and Eyebrows

In the case of periocular aging can combine: structure restoration around the eyes and forehead, which helps in height and projection of the eyebrows, bags and sunken eyes. After Micro Focused Ultrasound combined help us with the improvement of collagen and lower eyelid effect, as raising of the eyebrows and finally when necessary technology for skin tightening, which improves the more superficial sagging and final wrinkles with Fractional CO2 or Laser Diode not Ablative.

So today we have at our disposal all feasible solutions for every need, the age is indeed, but the track and turn that into something less obvious aging is possible and is within our reach.

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Dermatologista há mais de 9 anos, residiu nos Estados Unidos, onde fez especialização na Umassmed, Universidade de Massachusetts e na Dermatology Associated. Atualmente, trabalha em duas das clínicas mais respeitadas do país.

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