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Summer Project: the best body treatments to achieve the body you desire

With summer approaching, grows the search not only for new bikinis, but also for treatments to help women feel good with their bodies when using them. We all know that a balanced diet and the practice of exercises are essential to keep a good shape, but this is not always enough to achieve a perfect skin. Traveling the world I could discover various techniques, which, when combined, can help to achieve the body you so desire.

Check out some body treatments tips

Cellulite: the famous “little holes” are related to a diet with a high glycemic index and a sedentary lifestyle. When diet and exercise are not enough to treat it, there are excellent treatment combinations options. Some examples are: mesotherapy with deoxycholate, ATX 101, mesostaby with mesotherapy without needles and radiofrequency. The result of these treatments may last approximately four months – with or without the combined use of machines to treat localized fat and sagging.

Sagging: Sagging may be related to the muscle or just the skin. If it is related to the muscles, the most suitable treatment is exercise. If it is related to problems with the skin, there are treatments such as oral dipeptide collagen or a combination of radiofrequency with micro focused ultrasound (known as Ultherapy). Support wires can be used to treat more difficult areas as the arms, knees, abdomen, inner thighs and buttocks. The results are very interesting.

Localized fat: People who are careful with the diet and do exercises regularly know that no matter how much we strive, some “love handles” never disappear. To help eliminate them, there are no surgical treatments that, when combined, can bring satisfactory results. The mesotherapy with various substances such as caffeine consists in the application of microinjections that help burn the localized fat. This treatment can be combined with radiofrequency, which destabilizes the fat cells membrane and makes the support of these cells more organized.

Stretch marks: Stretch marks are like scars and the sooner we treat them, the better. They can be white or red and the best treatment option is to fill them with calcium hydroxyapatite, which helps disguise the color and stimulates collagen production. With the collagen, the depth of the stretch marks becomes more superficial. This treatment can be combined with the application of vitamin C and sterile silicone, which stimulates production of collagen and provides a longer lasting and more robust treatment. If the sagging skin is too intense, fractionated carbon dioxide lasers and even micro focused ultrasound (known as Ultherapy) can be associated with results that may last up to 2 years.

Skin problems: short before or after the menopause, it is common for the body skin to acquire a thin and dehydrated appearance that not even the best creams available in the market can solve. The problem here is that some treatments can stain the skin, so you need to be very careful. Thinking about it, we created a weekly treatment with microinjections of DMAE and vitamin weekly C, body radiofrequency and application of bee venom. In some cases, peeling may be associated with your treatment to make your skin beautiful and ensure you are ready to wear your bikinis without concerns.

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