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Young and thin neck without surgery

Over the years it is normal for the skin to suffer the harmful effects of time. As a result, wrinkles, sagging and other problems may occur. And this happens not only in the face – the neck skin is also strongly affected, often resulting in the famous jowls (caused by sagging and fat).

There are several treatments to rejuvenate and firm the skin of the neck, but few are able to solve the accumulation of fat below the chin. The most recent non-invasive treatment to reduce the double chin is the ATX 101.

ATX 101 is a solution with deoxycholate acid, able to destroy the fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin.

Clinical studies show that the benefits of the treatment can continue for up to four years, unlike other injectable substances with aesthetic purposes.

The treatment is applied through injections and the responses vary depending on the types of jowls: if it is caused by sagging, fat, or both and whether it is discrete or not. Regardless of that, results can be noted after the first application.

An assessment to determine how many sessions are needed is required for a successful treatment. Note that pregnant women, people with clotting problems or difficulties in swallowing should not undergo this treatment.

Treating your skin, delaying aging, taking care of yourself and living your age in the plenitude of its youth and beauty is nothing else than self-love and a sign of unshakable self-esteem.

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Gabriela Casabona

Dermatologista há mais de 9 anos, residiu nos Estados Unidos, onde fez especialização na Umassmed, Universidade de Massachusetts e na Dermatology Associated. Atualmente, trabalha em duas das clínicas mais respeitadas do país.

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  • Aline Calazans

    Se na primeira aplicação ficar inchado pode fazer compressa? E quanto tempo pra desinchar?

    • Oi Aline,

      Sobre o pós procedimento pode ficar sensível e acontece de ficar as vezes roxinho, se houver inchaço demora de 2 a 3 dias para melhorar.

      Obrigada pelo contato!

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