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Micro Focused Ultrasound and its various amazing combinations

Here we are again to talk about the treatment that has become one of my darlings when it comes to rejuvenation: the Micro Focused Ultrasound, also known by the name of Ultherapy. Initially released as an apparatus to produce a Lifting effect, now it presents unique protocols for collagen stimulation in various regions of the body: Face, Abdomen, Arms, and Buttocks; in association or not with other treatments.

This technique has been available in Brazil for more than three years and has been a tremendous success. The treatment has effects from the reduction of neck sagging to eyebrows lift.

The apparatus is placed on the skin and releases waves that heat very deep skin layers at a temperature of 65 °C. Thus, when used on the face and neck, it creates deep coagulation points in the superficial muscle aponeurotic system (SMAS), causing immediate contraction of collagen and muscle, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The collagen production is different from other technologies because it uses more than a way of stimulating to do this, that is, its mechanism of action in the collagen does not depend on the individual being a good producer or not.
As it causes protein clotting and heating of the skin, it leads the tissue to produce a new collagen, which is more fragile at first, and than becomes the best type of collagen we have: TYPE I.

We have already talked about this treatment in our blog in the past. Today what I really want is to focus on the excellent results that the Micro Focused Ultrasound can bring when combined with other procedures. For example, if the goal is to eliminate wrinkles from the neck, the ideal treatment is to combine the Ultrasound with hyaluronic acid fillers, botulinum toxin (BTX) and even CO2.
When combined with ablative and non-ablative lasers, peeling and micro needling, the treatment can be used with the purpose of lifting and superficial neocollagen creation (to provide stronger support to the facial contour).

If the problem is cellulite, the best result is obtained combining ultrasound with radio frequency. Used on the face, this treatment can bring excellent eyebrows lifting results when combined with botulinum toxin and even filling. Two years ago, I published a study showing a higher gain of collagen in combination with fillers.

Sometimes I receive patients who desire a meaningful rejuvenation, but are not willing to go through a very invasive treatment.

Therefore, Micro Focused Ultrasound can bring satisfactory results with various combinations.

Take this opportunity and its advantages to fulfill your wishes for a younger and healthier appearance.

Aging is certain, however rejuvenation is possible. You just need to find the right treatment for you!

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Dermatologista há mais de 9 anos, residiu nos Estados Unidos, onde fez especialização na Umassmed, Universidade de Massachusetts e na Dermatology Associated. Atualmente, trabalha em duas das clínicas mais respeitadas do país.

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