Tridimensional Dermatology - A look beyond the surface.

3D Dermatology - A look beyond the surface

Know the procedures and take care of your self-esteem


Know the major therapeutic treatments for your health. Learn also how to prevent diseases and maintain self-esteem days.


Check out the possibilities in aesthetic treatments, as well as tips on how to look after your health in different situations.


There is a plethora of surgical safe procedures to deal with major dermatological complaints. Please be informed about the procedures.

Cutaneous Oncology

Skin cancer affects thousands of people worldwide. Learn ways to prevent skin cancer, and treatments.

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Follow the tips and main innovations in treatments, in addition to technological innovations to take care of your health. Skin, hair, nails, all the news of Dermatology advances you can follow here.

Learn more about Dr. Gabriela Casabona

Learn more about the main procedures. See the experience of Dr. Gabriela Casabona. Follow the best tips for caring for your self-esteem.

Know the procedures

  • Therapeutic - Allergies - Hair - Sun Protection - Armpits - Nails – Acne
  • Aesthetics - Chinese Mustache - Tanning - Cellulite - Stretch marks - Rejuvenation – Filling
  • Surgical - Blepharoplasty - Lifting Endoscopic - fat grafting
  • Cutaneous oncology - Skin Cancer - micrographic surgery
  • Laser procedures - peels - Fills

About Dr. Gabriela Casabona

  • Graduate School of Medical Sciences at the Santa Casa de São Paulo, Residency in Medicine and Dermatology at Santa Casa de São Paulo - SP-CRM: 94,860
  • Fellow in Dermatologic Surgery at the Medical School ABC
  • Fellow in Mohs Surgery, FMUSP, Anschutz Medical Center - Denver (Dr Ramsey Mellette), Dermsurgery - Houston (Dr Abel Conzalez), Italian Hospital - Argentina (Dr Gaston Galimberti)
  • Specialization in Octoplástica and Lifting Endoscopic surgery with Dr Martin Devoto – Argentina
  • Expertise in Endoscopic Lifting Facial with Dr Alessandro Gennai and Dr Francesco Bernardini - Bologna and Genoa

Dermatology tips

  • Skin - Sun protection - Summer Tips - Tanning Care - Cleaning Tips
  • Hair - Hydrating - Sun protection - Homemade recipes for hair
  • Health Care - Vitamins - Antioxidants - Hydration – Prevention
  • Armpits - Waxing - Stains - care of the day-to-day
  • Rejuvenation - Tips for keeping skin younger for longer - Learn how to take care of nails